Indoor air pollution caused by traditional methods of cooking in developing countries can have severe health consequences on households, primarily women and children. 

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves explains the problem:
A global market for clean cooking solutions is necessary because 3 billion people still cook with solid fuels each day. When burned in open fires and basic cookstoves, wood, coal, charcoal, and other solid fuels emit a harmful smoke that claims 4 million lives annually through a range of diseases and injuries – making household air pollution from cookstove smoke the fourth greatest health risk in the world 
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We invite you to learn more about the dangers of household air pollution caused by basic cooking methods and why this is such dire problem that we are working  diligently to solve.

Triple Pundit, January 2013
Meningitis Link Brings New Urgency to Clean Cookstove Movement 
Studies suggest that homes exposed to smoke through cooking are 9 times more likely to develop meningitis. 
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Huffington Post, April 2013
More Air Pollution Deaths Per Year Than From AIDS, Malaria: UN    
U.N. officials have announced that air pollution kills more than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. The majority victims of air pollution are through indoor pollution linked to traditional cookstoves in developing countries.  
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Medical Daily, June 2013
Is That Stove Safe? Health Experts Review The Best Route For Managing Household Air Pollution
Health agencies and academics meet to discuss the implementation and strategy for combatting disease linked to biomass-burning cookstoves. 
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